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Pyramid Garden – Aeroponic Vertical Growing System

Pyramid Garden is a revolutionary way new way to organically grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers up to 30% faster with 80% less water. No soil is needed. The roots, which are hanging inside the pyramid, are sprayed with nutrient rich water. Excess water drips back into the tray, is filtered and recycled. Leafy vegetables grow on the outside, while root vegetables grow on the inside.


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  1. The benefits associated with genuine aeroponics are often applied to these sprinkler type systems. You`ll find it performs no better or worse than a hydroponic system because that is essentially what it is.

  2. Nothing new.  I've been using a pyramid to charge water to then water my garden.  The garden grows so fast you won't believe it.  It has to be a four sided pyramid with the same ratio as the cheops pyramid.

  3. i was always thinking plants would need nitrogen and minerals to grow properly and that's why so many of them are symbiotic with mycorrhiza. how can the plants assimilate essential nutrients that are usually soluted in the soil?

  4. I have a lot questions!  I don’t see any details around the reservoir of water or the pump system.  What is the water capacity of the reservoir?  How do you know when to fill it with more water?  How much power does it consume?  Does the pump run continuously and how noisy is the pump and sprayer?  Your video states no water source is required.  How do you fill it with water?  What material is the “puck” made of?  It appears to be of a foam material I’m not sure is food grade and would leach into the water and plants.  Video mentions “nutrient rich water” to feed the plants?  What are the nutrients you add to the water?  Does this come with the Pyramid Garden?  How much of it, how long will it last, and how much does it cost? Is it organic?  Your website mentions testing the Ph but your video doesn’t, what does that involve and does a testing kit come with the unit?  What should the Ph be?  How is the recycled water filtered?  How often does that filter need to be replaced and what does it cost?  What scientific studies did you perform to support your statements of “organically grow up to 30% faster”, “80% less water”, “Nutrient cost reduced”?  I noticed throughout your video you state “organic” however that term represents treatment of soil.  However your product is soil-less so how are you able to use that term?  In your video you state it is easy to move.  How do you move it once setup with water and 136 plants?  How much does it weigh full of water?  Does it come on wheels?  You mention it consumes only 16 square feet but if you planted large plants like squash, zucchini, tomatoes they would mature to requiring 4-6 feet each and vine plants require a support system like a trellis or cage.  Does your unit come with that or is it available as an accessory?  Are there any other accessories available to purchase?

  5. If you want it to be organic, your nutrients may not be chemical either. How do you solve that when you have no soil?
    It reminds me of lots of the veggies you can buy (in Europe) which are grown on water, but they never have the same good taste (or keep) as the ones which were grown in soil.
    I guess it may offer a solution to people who don't have a garden, but I would prefer vegetables grown from soil…

  6. This is why 3D printers are going to be awesome. We don't need one person or one company capitalizing on a good idea – we can all share and make use of a good idea for the benefit and betterment of ourselves.


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