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NorthGenetics Space Ace Smurfberry x AlienDawg DWC Water Culture 294 grams Dry Weight Yield Harvest

This Plant is a Harvested Space Ace from North Genetics and the Lineage on this cultivar is SmurfBerry X AlienDawg . This plant was grown to 77 days flower and flushed with straight water for 21 days during that process . This was a 294 Gram harvested plant after 12 days drying and then three days dry removed from stem totaling 15 days before the flower was weighted , and then stored in Mason Jars for Cure for up to typically 9 months . Check out @RealThor89 on InstaGram for Bud Shots and complete seed to harvest grows ! #VikingCraftCannabis


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  1. Bruh add me on mobile legends hahaha and I saw your comment where you bring up things to look for in a pheno hunt. How is stem rubbing one of them what do you look for when doing it


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