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How to build a NFT from 4×4 Vinyl Fence Post

I show how i build a NFT rail system from a 4×4 vinyl fence post.
The drain i used is a 3/4″ x 3/4″ threaded union fitting from lowes. The number is NHB-187BB; 877123.


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Comment (4)

  1. Great video – learned a lot. The 3 inch test caps on Amazon are ridiculously high… I will figure that out. I assume the 3/4 pipe with holes is to raise the level until roots are long enough. Can’t you just use pvc cleaner/glue for the end caps?

  2. WOW…this is so AWESOME. Answers LOTS of my questions. Not sure if it's my computer or what but the audio and video sync is off around 5:14 and on. Does anyone else have problem with audio and video being off sync around 5:14. Other than that, this is FANTASTIC video. I will save it for later use. THANKS again for all your hard work:)


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