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How I beat Pythium and root rot in DWC

The steps I took in beating pythium and root rot in dwc.


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  1. This video has helped so much. Thank you for making it. 10+ years of Cannabis soil grows and I'm just beginning to venture into Hydroponics. Man I'm learning the hard way. Pythium a.k.a root jizz! What a bastard.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this video, I really apprecite it. I have lost 3 monster plants just from doing water changes due to root rot. This will be a game changer for me. I really didnt want to quit DWC and go back to soil or ebb and flow just because I couldn't figure it out. I will be ordering this UV lights and flter combo today.

  3. Nice bro where did ypu get your uv and filterz from cause yeah iv tryed pythoff pool shock chlorine bleach and ended up damaging my plant but the brown algae keeps come back and im on tank/rain water bro…

  4. New to DWC. Plants were growing like crazy, All the sudden growth stopped and Brown algae Killed my plants. Trouble for 2 months, Just installed the UV light today and waiting for a fitting tomorrow to finish the plumbing. I hope this fixes my problem lol.

  5. Just found this guy and he is great. A grower that shows and tells the TRUTH of growing. Shows you what the “big boys” NEVER show in their grow. TYVM for the vids man. You have helped me Tremendously.


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