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Desktop NFT System Guide | CropKingInc.

Our unique hydroponic desktop NFT system has all the capabilities of a traditional sized NFT system allowing you to grow fresh, high-quality leafy greens on your desktop or kitchen counter. Perfect for schools, hobby growers and anyone looking for fresh produce year-round!

*This system features:*
• A removable top cap (lid) makes the channels easy to use and easy to clean.
• End caps on both ends of the channel, keeping light out & preventing algae growth.
• Constructed of non-toxic, food grade, UV-stabilized plastic.
• A standard electric plug – no additional power source required.
• Square top cap holes that are made for 1″ seedling cubes.

• Measures 16’L x 11’W x 4’H
• Weighs 3.5 lbs when the tank is empty &
12 lbs when it’s full.

*System Includes:*
• (2) 1′ x 4 ⅝’ grow channels
• 6 plant sites
• Pump
• Feed line
• 1 ½ gal tank
• Fertilizer & Rockwool cubes


Get yours today by calling *330-302-4203!*
_*volume and educational discounts available_

For over 35 years, CropKing has been the leader in controlled environment agriculture. We’ve manufactured and sold greenhouse structures, hydroponic growing systems, growing supplies, and education materials. We also offer a 2-day grower workshop or a 5-day intensive training for anyone interested in hydroponic growing.

To learn more visit us online!
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