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Chicken Aquaponics System Prototype / DIY Bead Filter

Take a tour of our Chicken Aquaponics waste processing system working prototype. It contains two major components; the waste capturing station and the biological reactor. The bio-reactor is also known as a bio-digester or, the more common term used in aquaponics, a bead filter. The step-by-step construction video will be made available for a limited time by registering at our website.
twitter: @chickaponics
Instagram: aquaopnics_chicken

#aquaponics #chickenaquaponics


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  1. Tommyj from Ouroboros Farms in Half Moon Bay Californa. Interesting. We grow for multiple Michelin star restaurants using fish. Chicken can harbor salmonella. How do you deal with this concern? Fish are cold blooded, not an issue. Also that heavy waste is awesome in the worms and remineralization tanks.


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