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Pump for my Hydroponic Garden | NFT 72

This is the pump I use to convey nutrient solution from the reservoir to the top of the growth channels. In this video: 660 gpm Aquarium Pump: 15 Gallon Tote: 3/4″ Sprinkler Riser: 4 Way Splitter: 1/4″ Drip Irrigation Tubing: 1/4″ Drip Irrigation Valves: Greens and Machines T-Shirt: […]

A shape NFT hydroponic sytem

We are factory, who focus on hydroponic system stuffs more than 15 years.  We supply the hydroponic facilities and accessories. Welcome to contact us at 0086 135 37075072(whatsapp/wechat) source

Budidaya Tanaman Pakcoy Menggunakan Sistem Hidroponik Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

Hidroponik dikenal sebagai soilless culture atau budidaya tanaman tanpa tanah. Dengan hidroponik masalah luas tanah yang sempit, kondisi tanah kritis, musim tidak menentu dapat terkendalikan. Kali ini hidroponik yang digunakan yaitu sistem hidroponik Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). Bagaimana tahapannya? Yuk simak video ini. Terimakasih, semoga bermanfaat ✨ source

Online Training on Hydroponics Starting on 1 December 2020

Hydroponics Practical and online Training on Hydroponics and Specialised Crop wise Nutrients for Hydroponics You may contact Mr Manish on mobile no- 9198529180 For purchasing hydroponic nutrient specially designed click the link below. You can purchase from following link I am Amazon Associate Mosquito Larvae Killer(Organic) Trichoderma powder fungicide Gibberellic Acid […]

How To make NFT Hydroponics // Make storage box as Hydroponics grow box

hello everyone welcome to my YouTube channel Today I’m going to show You How to Turn storage box ,To Hydroponic Grow Box , NFT system Things required : – Storage box – Drill Machine – Hole saw 54 mm – Marker Pen – Measuring tape drill the holes after wash the box if you want […]

Hydroponic NFT and DFT System explain (Bengali)

More details call or watsapp 8777267763 source

Hydroponic Basic idea

In this video Hydroponic Basic idea, I am explaining Hydroponic history, what is hydroponic, Types of Hydroponic, Advantage and disadvantage of Hydroponic and main difference of NFT and DFT. Hydroponic is a method of growing plants in Nutrient mix water solution solution. The word hydroponics comes from Greek word, “hydro”, means water, and “ponos”, means […]

Hydroponic NFT System and Garden Overview

A quick tour of NFT/DFT system on my terrace and crop status after heavy rain and hailstorm source

Hydroponics All Winter Long

Winter is coming so I decided to show how we do hydroponics when it starts to get cold. Here in Ohio, our winters can get pretty chilly. There is a wood burner and an oil/gas well to heat the greenhouse. Some projects need completed in the winter as well, like starting the Bato bucket system. […]