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Autoflower DWC grow

Tracks used in this video: Aru – Fighting Hatred System Glow – [ CITIES ] Autoflower DWC grow Berry Blue and UK Cheese I do not own the copyright to the music used , all music copyrights belong to their respective owners. Follow me on Instagram @GrowRetro42TY source

DWC Germination

How I propagate seeds for hydroponic growing. Full Guide: How to Germinate Seeds for DWC (Hydroponic Germination) source

Deep Water Culture and Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Growing Systems Update

See my blog and “Like” at Facebook at for updated photos, system design and build, growing updates, and hydroponic information for indoor growing. This video is an update of the ebb and flow system and the deep water culture system growing lettuce over the past few months. The ebb and flow will be […]

MAISHA 6 – Aero/DWC Buckets 22 Gal Commercial Grade made for Home, MMJ

MAISHA 6 blends the best of Aeroponic gardening and Deep Water Culture or DWC gardening to create something truly amazing. Taking those benefits and melding them together we have created the first system of its kind a hybrid recirculating Aero/DWC system which provides an epic growing experience. WHAT’S THE SYSTEM MADE OF? AEROPONICS You’ll be […]

Episode 8 of Season 2 bathroom/growroom (Defoliation & Lollipopping technique + DWC & gen. update)

This week I thin out the Alaskan Purple & Thunder Cloud (formerly know as Thunder Crack) and try my hand at the beginning of the lollipopping technique on the Thunder Cloud. I also show progress on all plants and the mini DWC clone grow. I really appreciate y’all stopping by & hanging out with me […]

Hydroponic DWC system Broccoli and Okra

For more details about Hydroponic and Aquaponic system wtsapp 9933973572 call 8777267763 source

September move for Water Culture Orchids

9/2/16. Hi everyone, I have moved my orchids trying to get an early start on the blooming for them! I hope I actually get good luck with that this year. And just keep in mind that my water culture orchids are based on my experience within the past 4 months. If you would like to […]

How I beat Pythium and root rot in DWC

The steps I took in beating pythium and root rot in dwc. source

Dwc grow led 1500w bloomspect please read the description

Hello this is my first video please subscribe and I will try to upload more any bit if support will help this video contains Deep water culture – dwc- hydroponics system bloomspect led and the cutting edge nutrients source