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Build your own 4 x 16 aquaponics System 1

This video series documents the construction of a new aquaponics system using low cost construction materials and methods. the system will be a 4′ x 16′ grow table, ready for increase in size. The system design came from reading and viewing a lot of other people’s ideas including Murray Hallam and Dr. Wilson Lennard who’s designs have been working for many years.


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  1. I’m in the planning stage of building a 36ft X 26ft house to build duel side by aquaponics system simular I intend to have both media and floating raft and I’m finding difficult to find videos that show a system that incorporates both methods thank for your video I have to have it closed in because we get a lot fruit fly and other bugs

  2. Great to be here for the beginning/start of this project. Can't wait to see what you come up with for this project design. The so called "bottle neck" in aquaponics is always the most expensive but the pay off period is well worth it. Don't cheap out:)

  3. I built a aquaponnic system and it did very well but I wouldn't recommend one without a greenhouse of some sort. The fish have to grow out and it takes time. They do well in their comfort zone but if the weather changes the fish need extra care. A green house would make it so you can adjust the climate for the fish.

  4. Good luck with your system. Just my 2-cents, before you get too far along, look into wicking beds or earth boxes. I have a small aquaponic system (an experiment) and the cost to build and maintain is too much. Air and water pumps (and electricity to run these), fish, fish food, grow media, etc, etc. Do yourself a favor and check out larrylhall YouTube channel before investing anything in aquaponics. Simple is best.


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