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Brief Overview of the Components of an Aquaponics System

This is a brief overview of the components of an aquaponics system. It is a complimentary video to A Real Time View and A Time Lapse View of an Aquaponics System Build. If you like what you see, please subscribe to this channel and give it a like. More videos can be seen at: If you want to see more videos like this or want to receive a list of the materials in this build go to the web-site listed at the end of this video.


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Comment (5)

  1. I don't understand how you are draining the grow bed. I don't see a bell or anything just an open pipe at the top. Can you elaborate on that part? I have to make my set up bigger and I want to borrow some of your flow ideas. Thanks Mr. Wanger

  2. What form of water pump are you using? It looks to be electric, is that correct? Also are you feeding anything to the fish or are they getting all their nutrients from the return water? Thanks


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