Aquaponics Gardening | UTem STEM Youtuber Challenge 2020

Song used to: 🖇️ BAEKHYUN – CANDY 🖇️ BAEKHYUN – BUNGEE 🖇️ Music – Shorline Musician – Rook1e 🖇️ Music – Ice Tea Musician – Not The King source

DWC Germination

How I propagate seeds for hydroponic growing. Full Guide: How to Germinate Seeds for DWC (Hydroponic Germination) source

Preparing Our Aquaponics System for a Week Long Holiday

G’Day Folks. We took off for a week up the coast recently & thought I’d share how we like to holiday proof our aquaponics system. Have also included a brief sneak peek at the AusyFish hatchery we visited up at Childers (links to hatchery details below). A video looking at the Jade perch spawning process […]

My NEXT series Pressurized Aeroponic mechanical/electrical enclosure

Just a teaser of my “next” high pressure aeroponic mechanical/electrical layout, so far. I call it next series cause there is always an next and an next and an next design 😂 It never ends #aeroponics source

Pump for my Hydroponic Garden | NFT 72

This is the pump I use to convey nutrient solution from the reservoir to the top of the growth channels. In this video: 660 gpm Aquarium Pump: 15 Gallon Tote: 3/4″ Sprinkler Riser: 4 Way Splitter: 1/4″ Drip Irrigation Tubing: 1/4″ Drip Irrigation Valves: Greens and Machines T-Shirt: […]

Deep Water Culture and Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Growing Systems Update

See my blog and “Like” at Facebook at for updated photos, system design and build, growing updates, and hydroponic information for indoor growing. This video is an update of the ebb and flow system and the deep water culture system growing lettuce over the past few months. The ebb and flow will be […]

Aquaponics System Tour

Quick tour of the aquaponics system rebuild at C&L Farms. C & L Aquaponics Farms Follow us on Facebook: … source

Indoor Aquaponics System Full 5 Minute Cycle- Very Relaxing!

Our Indoor Aquaponics System going through a full cycle (approx 5 minute cycle) We now have the grow bed shielded to prevent algae growth, but this is from … source

Aquaponics System 03/02/14

Here is a quick update to my indoor system. Things are growing pretty quickly now, and the fish are as happy as ever :). More information to follow! source

03/20/2014 – Goldfish in the Aquaponics System

Goldfish in the Aquaponics System. The brownish color of the water is due to the fact that there are a lot of tannins in the system – oils that are difficult to … source