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Aquaponics Vlog: Mineralization Tank Step 2 and a Grim Discovery

2nd step of the mineralization tank and cleaning out the swirl filter

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  1. Definitely need to add more media beds just take some water out and replace it eventually it will stabilize you don't have that many fish it looks like I've got 2 IBC tanks chop and flip top part of both ibc's and filled with Hydro Pebbles ..whenever I take out my Hydro Pebbles and clean them I saved the sludge and remineralize it and that redistributes the bacteria.. I've had mine for 2 years and after the first 6 months (it stabilized) I've never had any problems after that if you don't mess with it it usually equals itself out the more ammonia you have the more bacteria will grow but definitely want to have a big air pump with lots of air bubbles in all the tanks except for the swirl filter the more bubbles in the water the more oxygen & the more oxygen the more bacteria that you have growing & the faster it's breaking the waste down and the cleaner your water will be therefore the healthier your system.


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