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Aquaponics Strawberry Update

The 75 Strawberry plants are now growing at a fantastic rate, and on some of the plants there are up to 23 fruit on one plant, these are just young plants, so you can imagine the crop we will get next year!!!!!
Have just introduced carp to the system instead of Tilapia, we are still selling Tilapia fingerlings direct from the farm but we are now also doing the edible carp as well.


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  1. where abouts are you. I'm in Essex and would love to have a chat with you personally. I have 30+years experience in aquaculture including 3 yrs studying at a well known college. also have experience in growing etc. I have a 2000 Sq ft warehouse I've been getting good ready to do exactly the same as yourself 😉

  2. the problem isn't so much the heating because they are internally heated via the warm water in the tanks, so the system fruits for longer and produces larger strawberries than usual, but they need the bees to pollonate them, unless you are willing to do it with a cotton bud!!! but i see no reason why not.


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