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Aquaponics Project – Plumbing

I’ve plumbed everything up now and the system is ready to be filled with grow media. I’m probably going to use 80% gravel and 20% expanded clay.

The MSDS on ABS can be found here,


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Comment (17)

  1. hi there, i am all new to this so looking at all the clips i can get before starting mine.
    i have the same setup but much smaller.
    do you think its important for a filter of some sort ?
    i don't have clay balls any advice on other medium to use ?

  2. I haven't noticed any issues with my fittings so far. I also haven't read anything adverse besides the fact that it is prone to expand and retract in different weather conditions, however I have not notice any leakage from the fittings directly. It's certainly not known to be unsafe to use for Aquaponics.

    There is a brief section on Aquatic Toxicity in the MSDS document which I will add the description of this video for you.

  3. Have you had any problems using ABS pipe and fittings? Here in the US it is not recommended for potable water, only as a drain where the water is not longer used.


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