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Algae Control in my Aquaponic System

This is so cool:) My Apple Snails are eating the hair algae in my aquaponic system! I have issues with this stuff in this one grow bed and they seem to be the answer!

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Comment (35)

  1. Hi! Newbie here but i read that malaysian trumpet snails eat just the algae and aren't interested in fresh plants. they're super prolific breeders too, to the point aquarium keepers consider them as pests. i'm planning to cultivate them to control algae

  2. Hey love your vids

    Try a ton of ghost shrimp and red shrimp to eat the hair algae!

    I have mangroves witch are also amazing filters for the system! And I see my ghost shrimp cleaning the mangrove roots all the time!

  3. I've got a heavy planted 10 gallon going for 3 months now just a king Betta alone with 2 zebra snails, (which In his world he let's em know whose boss.)(reality to the zebra snail:man this some good algae!)anyways my deposit went outta control I snip half the root system once they hit the bottom of the tank, on other notes you can just let them grow, then make swirls with the roots making tunnel paths for your main dude. Just thought I'd throw that snip half off once they hit the bottom, in there.

  4. I totally feel you bro, I have been trying to grow water lettuce and water hyacinth but it gets so much hair algae on them I have been having second thoughts about doing it altogether. I am forever removing hair algae and if I leave it for too long it gets insanely over ridden by the stuff.

  5. If they are that voracious you shouldn't be selling theses snails.Sending them to areas they don't belong is not going to turn out very well. Some folks will not be responsible and let them get out. Unless they eat kudzu…lol. Then the bullfrogs can eat them and the snakehead fish can eat the bullfrog and the pythons can eat the fish…

  6. Keep the water from getting direct sunlight either by putting a shade over the pond or keeping a lot of the plants you are growing in the pond so the water says shaded. I didn't see how you are filtering the ponds so you can oversize the filtration for the pond or keep and abundance of plants somewhere in the system so that there is always enough plants to clean the water when you harvest your crops.

  7. nerite snails and amano shrimp will graze hair algae and not the plants, but neither will breed in fresh water. fresh water neocaradina (cherry shrimp) will graze a little, as will mollies and most live bearers. problem is they just give it a haircut. it is still there as long as the conditions are pro algae (high phosphates, too much light for nutrient load, too much food, etc)


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